Mar 202014

Here are some WallPapers of Playboy girl Shanti Dynamite.

Please right click click on “Save Link As” to download the full 1920 x 1080 sized image for you desktop wallpaper. We will add more wallpaper in later days.

Shanti Dynamite greetings 1920

Shanti Dynamite wallpaper 1920 BWShanti Dynamite armpit 1920

Shanti Dynamite funny face 1920 BWShanti Dynamite throws clothes

Shanti Dynamite mid finger 1920Shanti Dynamite on stair

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British adult star Sofiya Vasileiadou chose the word to represent herself as a peaceful and dynamic human being. June 1, 1991 and raised in Kampala Uganda by her Greek father and her Punjabi mother, Sofiya was the only child in her family. Her father served as the Greek Consulate of Uganda.

Sofia’s passion is dancing and gymnastics and she went to a good school in her childhood. One of the most difficult part of Sofiya’s life was when misunderstandings grew between her parents. Her parent’s divorce was one of the toughest part of her life as as majority of her friends did not have divorced parents. Sofia lived whit her father in Uganda when her mother moved to the United Kingdom and pursued a career with the NHS as a Doctor. At the age of nine Sofiya moved to the United Kingdom to live with her mother and her father remained in Kampala.

While her mother worked, Sofiya spent her free time watching her mother’s collection of Bollywood films. She was inspired by the films and she also played dress up in her mother’s Indian clothing.

At age 18, Sofiya started glamor modelling at Hotel Voyeur, a topless babe show in UK. There she had to converse with callers in an erotic manner on a premium land line. Sofiya’s unique Mediterranean features along with her Indian background made her to be popular in the Babe show circuit. She worked for Babestation and Masti Nights in which she focused on her Indian heritage more. Sofia decided to go under the alias ‘Shanti’ and became the UK’s only Punjabi glamour model on these Babe shows.

Sofia got her big break when a film director approached her after watching one of her dance videos and requested her to do an item number in his upcoming film. Sofia was thrilled with excitement and realized she was on course to live her dreams from a young age. Sofia is now undergoing intensive media training, dance classes and acting classes to prepare for her Bollywood debut.

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