Sep 152014

In an angry tweet actress Deepika Padukone wrote “Yes! I am a woman. I have breasts and a cleavage! You got a problem!!??”, referring to a Times of India news post in Twitter. The screenshot of TOI Entertainment twitter post shared by Deepika says: “OMG: Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show!”

Deepika’s comment,” Supposedly India’s ‘LEADING’ newspaper and this is ‘NEWS’ !! ??”

Deepika’s tweet had created a storm in the Twitterscape.

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Aug 242012

During her last visit to India, Sunny Leone, the ‘Jism 2’ wore a lacy black outfit. When she sat cross legged in the short dress yellow trim underneath was apparently mistaken by photographers for her underwear.

In response to the media report on the apparent wardrobe malfunction, Sunny laughed and twitted:


Lol this yellow you might see is part of the in lay of my DRESS!!! Haha its not my undies.

Sunny, has shown more than the underwear and making too much of the issue in itself was over-reaction of the Indian media.

Here is the photo:


Aug 182012

Controversial model Poonam Pandey likes to remain in limelight by exposing herself (or, at least talking about shedding her clothes). India’s victory in the Cricket world cup and her promise to get naked in front of the Indian team helped her raise in popularity. Although she didn’t keep (or rather, she wasn’t allowed to keep) her promise, she got immensely popular after that.

To the fire of her popularity alive time and again she keeps feeding the audience with hot and spicy photos and videos. Recently she posted some bathroom shots in her Twitter account. The hot photos helped to remind the people about her again. I have never been that fond of her body or sex or nudity, but the Independence day shot she posted in Twitter was something else. Indian flag in one hand, hands spread wide inviting for an embrace, wide smile and a look towards the sky – this is the sexiest post of the model.


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Jun 302011

SRK-oneAfter the top 10 Bollywood women, it is time for top 10 Bollywood males by followers count.

It was predictable, Shah Rukh Khan is on the top. The Big B, Amitabh Bachchan closely follows SRK. Then, two more Khans follow with Aamir Khan in the third position and Salman Khan in the fourth position.

Yes, the three Khans rule Twitter and there is a drop in followers after Salman Khan. Fourth place Hrithik has about 2 lakh less followers than Salman!


As mentioned in the previous post about Bollywood female, this number changes every day or rather, every minute. We will count them again after 3-4 months to compare the difference and trends!

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Jun 292011

priyanka_chopraWe had a little bit of free time and tried counting the twitter followers of Bollywood  personalities. It was interesting to see who had the most followers at the time of counting. 

Here is our preliminary result. The winner is Priyanka Chopra – selected from a list of 53 Bollywood female – active in Twitter.


The follower count do change by minutes – so it is not accurate by the time it is published. But, it gives the relative popularity of the personality in the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

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Jun 242011

Recently Shahrukh Khan got relaxed after the re-shoot of his most awaited film Ra-One. Some scenes in the film, that were out of sync, needed to be re-shoot. To Shahrukh’s relief, Kareena agreed to finish the bits and she finished in time.

That is the reason Shahrukh expressed his gratitude towards his co-star through his twitter account. He wrote "Finished the last few bits and pieces of Ra.One with Kareena.want to thank her for working so hard and fast she was such a sport.hope we haven’t tanned her to much in the hot sun."

These days Kareena is busy in Bodyguard with Salman Khan and next untitled one with Amir. But even in such tight schedule she fixed her time for Ra-One.So Shahrukh who didn’t appear before 2-3 months in twitter appeared there thanking Kareena.

The following photo was posted by SRK himself in twitter:


Jun 032011

The daily Mid-Day, has written about "A bitchy actress" calling to say about Mallika Sherawat‘s tweets about driving through the suburbs of Boston with the windows down and blasting Jalebi Bai on her radio.

Mid-Day apparently sourced Amit Padukone’s tweet for the news piece in which he told – "Mallika’s new jalebi bai item number, but i think it has the same beat as Sheila! disappointed w anand raaj"

Amit responded in surprise to the misinterpreted news:


It sure is funny to read the statement that Mallika is "known to hire her own paparazzi to follow her and now even to listen to her music!"


May 132011

Celina-Jaitley Actress Celina Jaitley, in her Twitter post has told that she got so scared after watching Ekta Kapoor‘s Ragini MMS that she left her purse in the theatre. She however praised the the movie for being . The movie was released on Friday the 13th May, 2011.

Here is what she wrote in the micro-blogging site:

Ragini mms scared the socks of me… Well made… fab n bloody scary. I left my gucci purse in the premiere theatre after watching Ragini mms… now going back to get it lol! Fear! Lol (sic)

Well, I am sorry, but I can’t believe everything I read!

I can’t understand how one can get so "scared" but liked it very much?

And, what what about the the story of ‘Gucci purse’? Something special to brag about?

Please comment if you think you know the reasons. Thanks.