Mar 172011

In this internet age, movies are almost all movies are found online for free. But, there is a big question mark on the legality of the movies. All new movies, freely available in internet, are almost always pirated. So, if you want to stay legal, and watch latest movies, be prepared to pay for it. When it comes to old movies, you might need to pay for them too, but chances are, many of them might be found for free and legal.

I recently met a friend who is running a site on Bollywood movies.  She told me that she posts full movies in it. I told her about the legal and ethical aspects of posting full movies in a site. Before I started lecturing on the cost involved in producing those movies, she told me that all the movies were legally posted. That was interesting.

Well, she didn’t even upload any of the movies. She collected them from various legal sources like YouTube and post them in her site. You might think, anybody can do that…! Yes, you are right. Anybody can do that for a few days. But, she has been adding at least one movie in the site since September 2010. Six months, every day, one movie (not more than that) … OMG … I can’t do that. And, she has collected all those awesome movies like DDLJ, Maine Pyar Kiya,  Dil, Taal, Hum Saath Saath Hain, and so on from 1960s to 2010s. I bet, it would be one of the most visited sites when she arrange the movies in better manner.