Jun 302011

SRK-oneAfter the top 10 Bollywood women, it is time for top 10 Bollywood males by followers count.

It was predictable, Shah Rukh Khan is on the top. The Big B, Amitabh Bachchan closely follows SRK. Then, two more Khans follow with Aamir Khan in the third position and Salman Khan in the fourth position.

Yes, the three Khans rule Twitter and there is a drop in followers after Salman Khan. Fourth place Hrithik has about 2 lakh less followers than Salman!


As mentioned in the previous post about Bollywood female, this number changes every day or rather, every minute. We will count them again after 3-4 months to compare the difference and trends!

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Jun 292011

priyanka_chopraWe had a little bit of free time and tried counting the twitter followers of Bollywood  personalities. It was interesting to see who had the most followers at the time of counting. 

Here is our preliminary result. The winner is Priyanka Chopra – selected from a list of 53 Bollywood female – active in Twitter.


The follower count do change by minutes – so it is not accurate by the time it is published. But, it gives the relative popularity of the personality in the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

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