May 122011

ragini-mms Ekata Kapoor has released Ragini MMS in a morning show in one theater on May 12, following her astrologers’ advice. Friday the 13th will be the real midnight premiere.

The real Ragini in the movie, Deepika, insisted to be shown the film before the release. But, Ekata had refused and Deepika went as far as threatening a legal action. Eakta in her interview on May 5 even said that she’d reveal the identity of the real Ragini if required.

The movie is based on a 22-year-old Delhi girl, whose MMS scandal had inspired movie. It is told that she is feeling uncomfortable by the details on her life.

Ekata said, "But now both she and her mother are afraid that the sex scenes in the film will come to be associated with her. Deepika can’t sue me because I’ve never said that Ragini MMS is completely based on her life. I’ve only said that it’s based on a true incident around which we’ve fabricated a film."


May 212010
Bollywood hottie Deepika Padukone, who won accolades for her saree avatar at the Cannes film festival, will once again be seen adorning a saree.

The Om Shanti Om babe, who has always been complimented for her western outfits, has gone completely de-glam for Ashutosh Gowariker’s Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey.

Deepika who has been cast opposite Abhishekh Bachchan for the first time, will be seen wearing traditional Bengali sarees for this period thriller.

Deepika plays a Bengali revolutionary who braves all odds and fights for her country.

It is based on the book Do and Die by Manini Chatterjee, which is about the Chittagong Uprising of 1930 and is scheduled for release in December this year.

Unlike her dazzling self, in exquisite gowns and glitzy bikinis, this look is to give her a completely different avatar. As for the acceptance by the audience, only time will tell!