Jun 042010
Raavan, One of the most awaited films of the year. Mani Ratnam is reportedly producing a present day version of the Indian epic Ramayana which tells the story of Rama, whose wife Sita is abducted by the demon (Rākshasa) king of Lanka, Ravana.Mani Ratnam had earlier directed Thalapathi which bore close resemblance to the Mahabharata. It stars Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vikram in the lead roles while Govinda, Ravi Kishan. Aishwarya Rai plays a contemporary Sita, appearing as an accomplished Carnatic Musician in both versions of Mani Ratnam’s films and A.R. Rehman’s mesmerizing music that needs no introduction.
The story of Raavan revolves around Abhishek Bachchan playing the title role of Ravana whose sister suffers humiliation at the hands of Vikram, the south star. To seek revenge he kidnaps Vikram’s wife played by Aishwarya Rai and elopes in the woods later to fall in love. Raavan is not a story but a world. Dev (Vikram), a policeman, falls in love with Ragini (Ashwariya), a classical dancer. They are both unconventional. They get married and he takes her to his new post in Lal Maati, a small town in northern India. A town where the word of law is not the police but Beera, a tribal who has, over the years, shifted the power equation of the place from the ruling to the have-nots of the area. Govinda enters the story just a Hanuman to help Vikram find his wife and Ravi Kissan is Abhishek’s trusted friend in the movie. Isn’t it Ramayana with lot of new twists? Raavan is a Hindi language film directed by Mani Ratnam set to be released no 18th Jun, 2010

Raavan has been shot in numerous locations around India including the forests of Kerala, Ooty, Jhansi, Kolkata, and in Maharashtra at Mahabaleshwari and in the Malshej Ghats. Major plot of the movie unfolds in dense forests, so the movie is mostly shot in outdoor locations in forests. The movies also sports Kaliripayatu Martial Arts, has great stunts and action sequences. It is produced by mani ratnam’s Chennai based Madras Talkies. Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee designed Aishwarya Rai’s costumes in the film.
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Apr 222010
Raajneeti is a story about Indian politics. About Indian democracy. Rajneeti Movie starring with Ajay Devgan, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Nana Patekar, Arjun Rampal, Vivek Oberoi & Manoj Bajpai. Director : Prakash Jha and Release Date on 28 May 2010.
Rajneeti movie starring Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor first look is out. Katrina Kaif plays a leading role in a minister in the film. Katrina looks like Sonia Gandhi in personality in the movie. Ajay Devgan and Ranbir Kapoor is also in the role of leader in Rajneeti as an actor. In Rajneeti movie first look, Ranbir Kapoor is shown smoking cigrattes. Rajneeti movie is directed by Prakash Jha. Before this Prakash Jha has dircetd Gangajal movie based on politics of Bihar.The brief introduction of movie in first look can be related with real life struggle and story of Sonia Gandhi.

It is the story of Bhaskar Sanyal (Naseruddin Shah), the fire-brand leftist leader, as feared for his single-handed ability to challenge the most powerful of leaders as he was respected for his political integrity.And of Sooraj (Ajay Devgan) who rose from the backward classes – with anger in his heart and leadership on his mind. And yet, his destiny could never overcome the tragedy of his birth, trapping him in a terrible dilemma where his loyalty to his friend threatens to destroy his own family. Of Brij Gopal (Nana Patekar), who shunned every political ambition even as he continued to mentor and guide the younger generation of leaders while the battle got bloodier by the day?. And of Veerendra Pratap (Manoj Bajpai), whose lunge at the throne was thwarted even as he was within striking distance of it.

Rajneeti is a film that tells the journey of an ordinary woman (Katrina) the fight against corruption to the day that becoming prime minister. Rajneeti is a dark political thriller, which is inspired by Mahabharata, is a satire on the Indian political system. This multi starrer, reportedly based on the contemporary Indian political scenario.It is the story of his determined and fierce fight to protect his family. It is the story of a fiercely fought election campaign, where money-power and corruption are the accepted norms, and where treachery and manipulation are routinely used weapons.With Bhopal as its backdrop and five thousand trained actors from all over Madhya Pradesh working on the films landscape, the movie was shot in tough situations and Prakash Jha has appreciated Katrina Kaif professionalism and commitment while shooting in the movie. Really, “Rajneeti” is truly most exciting and ambitious venture.

Raajneeti Movie Movie Cast and Crew:
Nana Patekar – Brij Gopal
Ajay Devgan - Sooraj Kumar
Ranbir Kapoor – Samar Pratap
Katrina Kaif - Indu Pratap
Manoj Bajpai – Veerendra Pratap
Naseeruddin Shah – Bhaskar Sanyal
Arjun Rampal – Prithviraj Pratap
Director: Prakash Jha
Producer: Prakash Jha , Ronnie Screwvala
Written by: Prakash Jha
Genre: Action / Drama
Language: Hindi
Release Date : 28th May 2010

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