Sep 012012

Raaz 3 actress Bipasha Basu, is promoting her upcoming thriller movie in various parts of the country. Her recent visit to Ahmedabad met with a surprise when the crowd got of control. One of the fans in the crowed tried to pull down her skirt.

According to Mumbai Mirror, the crowd got out of control after seeing Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta and Bipasha Basu on one stage. One of the fans tried to get too close to her and pull her skirt. Bipasa was also injured in the incident.


According to the spokesperson it wasn’t Bipasha alone. The crowd was pulling everyone’s clothes. Bipasa hurt a little on her right hand.

In her Twitter post Bipasa, on August 29, told (@bipsluvurself):

So #Raaz3 promotion in Ahmedabad ws awesome.Thank you all fr the crazy amt of love tht we got:) (sic).

And on being injured she Tweeted:

Yes, I did have a nasty fall and hurt my right hand but am absolutely fine now. Little bruising that’s all. Thank you for the concern

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Jun 152011

BipashaBasu Bipasha Basu is going to the modeling talent contest, The Ford Supermodel of the World-India contest to be held in Gurgaon on Wednesday. She is a bit worried as the flight has already delayed twice.

The contest held a special respect in Bipasha’s heart. The same contest changed Bipasha from a science student to a model and the Bipasha of today. She still remembers the life-changing event on December 15, 1996.

The final list of the Supermodel contest was released yesterday in which 8 out of the total 20 contestants are from the capital. The winner of the contest will get an international modeling contract worth $250,000 and participate in the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week to be held in October.

The first runner-up will receive contracts worth $150,000 and the second runner-up will win a contracts worth $100,000.

The contest is conducted in over 50 countries and the previous winners of the contest includes Vidisha Pavate and Bipasha.

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May 162011

Bipasha-Basu-2 Bipasha Basu has said that the relationship of nine years, with actor John Abraham is over and she is single again.

Bipasha said, “I’ve been in relationships since I was 15. Though I’ve only dated three men in that time. I’m now single for the first time in 17 years.”

Bipasha is being linked with Josh Hartnett, the Singularity co-starrer and  Rana Daggubatti of  Dum Maaro Dum. We might need to wait for sometime to know the fourth man in her life. Currently she is shooting for Players in Russia with Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Let’s hope, she will find some decent enough partner with whom she won’t have to do wait for years before deciding they weren’t made for each other.

May 122011

The 2006 tape is haunting Bipasha Basu, in which Bipasha allegedly talks with Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh. At that time, in response to Amar Singh’s restraint order petition, the tapes were barred from getting published or telecast in the media. Now, when the Supreme Court lifted the restraint order, the transcript of the taps were published on Thursday suggest some sexual banter with Amar Singh. Bipasha has denied being the one talking in the tape. She has asked those in doubt to listen to the audio before jumping into conclusion.


In Twitter, Bipasha wrote:


She adds, "There is a limit of making up stories at the cost of a celeb! Sensationalising ridiculous and untrue stories is not ethical at all!" The audio tapes.

Bipasha had also denied it being her at the time of the release of the tape, in 2006, "I have never made any telephonic conversation with Amar Singh. This report is malicious. And I will explore legal options."

The transcript of the alleged conversation is posted here.


May 122011

amar-singh This is unconfirmed conversation between Amar Singh and Bipasha Basu. The following transcript of the conversation is told to be obtained from a CD delivered to various media houses with title Amar Singh Ki Amar Kahani. The name “Bipasha” in the conversation we received is changed to “Girl”.

Amar Singh was expelled from the Samaljwadi party last year.

Amar: Hello.
Girl: : (Sing song voice)…Haallloooo…
Amar: : Hello…
Girl: : (Sing song voice) Hi…how are you…?
Amar: : (Happy sing song voice) I am fine.
Girl: : How’ve you been? We are talking after a long time right?
Amar: : Yes…
Girl: : You’ve been busy or something?
Amar: : Kaun…bip…
Girl: : Bipasha…Bipasha…ya…I saw you twice at that award function…ha ha ha
Amar: : Really?
Girl: : So tell me…when are you meeting me?
Amar: : Where do you want to meet baby? I have been very busy.
Girl: : You busy?
Amar: : It is very tough.
Girl: : It is very tough…ha ha ha…OK.
Amar: : But I will make some time.
Girl: : OK sweetie…
Amar: : Very nice of you to have remembered me.
Girl: : (Laughs) I toh always remember you.
Amar: : An old man like me.
Girl: : Sorry…
Amar: : An old fossil like me…
Girl: : Old fossil like you…
Amar: : ya ya…
Girl: : I don’t think age really matters… Does it?
Amar: : It matters between the legs na?
Girl: : (Bursts out laughing) Oh God…ha ha ha ha…all right then…you try removing time now… it’s been almost a month now I’ve not met…
Amar: : Ya we will meet.
Girl: : OK… Right, keep in touch. Bye…

Update Bipasha Basu in her twitter post has told that the girl in the tape is not her.

Audio of the tape is posted below:

Apr 302011

Bipasha Basu with Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett It’s an usual practice to link two hot people working together in movies. That was what happened with Bipasha Basu and Josh Hartnett too.

When Bipasha posted their pictures in a social networking site the rumors got a new level of authenticity. When asked, Bipasha didn’t refused the relationship (she didn’t accept it either.)

Bipasha in talks with Times of India has told "I have decided that I will keep things, that I share with people and the equations that I have with them, upto me. Josh and I have become close, but you know the moment I say something, it will be interpreted in a totally different way and then things generally get out of control. We share a great bond."

Now, can I read between the lines? Not committed, but future looks bright – I guess.


In a first ever international projects of Bipasha Basu, Singularity, she acts opposite to Josh Hartnett. The movie was shot in Brisbane, Australia late last year and it will also includes scenes from India.

Apr 082011

Social activist Anna Hazare is being hailed from every sectors of the society and Bollywood Celebs have also come forward to support his anti-corruption effort.

In his Twitter post, Hrithik wrote, “I support Anna Hazare. Its TIME to make a CHANGE!”


Actress, Priyanka Chopra wrote:


priyanka_chopraJust read about Anna Hazare. It’s incredible to see the support he has received from across the country… Also what’s remarkable is the uprising of the youth of our country in support of Anna Hazare. I pledge my support to this cause.

It is not only Hritik and Priyanka, filmmaker Farhan Akhtar and actress Sonakshi Sinha have also expressed their support for the 72-year-old social activists.

Farhan Akhtar wrote, “I support Anna Hazare. Our country has suffered from corruption for too long… NOW is the time we get together and do something about it.”

In Sonakshi Sinha’s words, “It’s usually one person that makes a difference. Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Abe Lincoln, Mother Teresa. Kudos Anna Hazare. We’re with u.”

Director Madhur Bhandarkar went to meet Hazare at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and offer his support.

Dr.Kisan Baburao Hazare, popularly known as Anna Hazare, is an Indian social activist who has started a fast unto death to make a pressure on the Government of India to enact a strong anti-corruption act that will have the power to deal with corruption in public offices.


It is not only a few actors or actress who came forward to support Anna Hazare. Now, the whole lot of celebrities have expressed their support to the leader in ending corruption in India. Here are some of the statements:

Shabana Azmi: Anna Hazare’s triumph was a foregone conclusion. He embodies the aspirations of a nation that has suffered enough. A nation that wanted the good fight. In a democracy the citizens must set the agenda as active participants, not passive recipients. That’s what the agitation demanding the Jan Lok Pal Bill did. It proved that people matter.

A R Rahman: Ru-ba-ru roshni… It’s the beginning of an eternal rise for India.

Kabir Bedi: Anna Hazare has won an epic victory for our country. The Lok Pal Bill will be as revolutionary as the Right To Information Act.It’s the best beginning for a war against corruption. Better late than never.

Esha Deol: He’s awe-inspiring! I’d have loved to send him some yummy South Indian food to break his fast.

Farah Khan: I think as people we’re realizing our power to bring about change. I was at the rally at Jantar Mantar. I went there because as a mother I really want my children to grow up in a corruption-free environment. I was amazed by the number of youngsters who were there to support Anna Hazare’s movement.I think it’s time for all of us to wake up.

Sarah Jane Dias: I am ecstatic! This is a victory for our country as one united force.Never felt more proud to be an Indian.

Gulzar : Anna Hazare nahin, hazaaron hain! He has assured us that India is safe in young hands. It is a great new generation that has come forward to display a socio-plotical awareness.

Farooque Shaikh: Let us wait until the final version in June. But a very happy beginning.

Hema Malini: His victory is a great high. But is it that easy to take it forward?

Irrfan Khan: I think we should wait for the monsoon session of Parliament.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra: This is just the beginning. We have to maintain the momentum.

Asha Parekh: Long live Anna Hazare.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali: I think somewhere this man’s simplicity touched everyone’s heart. Here was a man completely unaware of his power. He decided to take matters into his hands. And he didn’t care about who was watching or not watching him do the right thing.

Anupam Kher: People’s victory!

Nandita Das: Such a singular victory reaffirms our faith in the power of non-violent forms of protest in a democracy. It shows the change that people can bring about. But this is only a beginning. An uphill task of eradicating corruption now awaits us.

Bipasha Basu: Anna Hazare’s victory shows the strength of people and our democracy. It is a very positive sign for India. Corruption is our biggest enemy. We need a hazaar Hazares in our country. The momentum of this movement must not stop here.

Urmila Matondkar: It is a victory of Gandhism and also a victory for the angry masses who suffered enough corruption and demanded a clean and transparent system of governance. As during Jayapraksah Narayan’s movement, the youth need to make themselves an essential part of the change by acting as responsible vigilant citizens.

Shilpa Shetty: I salute his gumption and selfless devotion to cleansing our society. He makes me feel very small. I respect him unconditionally.

Chitrangda Singh: It took one 71-year-old human being to show us we can come together for a change. It’s a big lesson for our democracy and one that we should not forget. Thanks to Anna, our new Gandhi.

Subhash Ghai: It is always one man who brings about a revolution to destroy injustice and oppression. Today it is Anna who has screamed out the inner voice of the people of India. Policy makers need to think seriously before they get attacked mercilessly by the masses. Enough is enough!

Mahesh Bhatt: We are all part of the problem. We need to become a part of the solution as well. Face the truth. Most of us contribute to the corruption.We have miles to go before Anna’s victory paves the way for a corruption-free India.

Apr 082011

A message from Bipasha’s phone has sent a text message to all the male friends in her address book, saying "Hi, I am single." Well, that seems a bit odd way of announcing availability to guys.


Bipasha has been denying the split with her relationship with her former boyfriend John Abrahm till now. But, the message is reported to be spreading in the phone network that it is threatening to jam the mobile network.

Bipasha however, is shooting somewhere in Madhya Pradesh and it is reported that she has lost her mobile phone for the last 24 hours. She was worried and was planning to lodge an FIR. But, she found the phone the next day, as if it was never lost.

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Apr 072011

Mahesh Bhatt is all set to let Yana Gupta dance in an item number in movie Murder 2.

Mahesh Bhatt’s approached Bipasha Basu to do an item dance in Murder 2. When Basu refused, Mallika Sherawat, was offered the number but, she too didn’t want to do the item number.

At last, Yana Gupta was chosen to do the sizzling item number.

After Sony’s dance reality show, Jhallak Dilkhlaa Jaa, Yana is being flooded with various offers in movies and Murder 2 is one of them.

In addition, Yana will also do a “Chalo Dilli,” a remixed version of the popular song “Laila Main Laila”.

Last time, Yana made huge media sensation when she went to a children’s charity event by showing up without wearing an underwear. Yana had no regrets of showing her private parts and she even told, “I am no panties girl.”