Apr 282011

Amrita Rao was featured in an ad in a swimming pool in a swimming suit. My notion, such ads are done to show the skin, was shattered when I saw this ad:

Screen shot

The bikini is more like a t-shirt than a bikini and I don’t get why the blue scarf was wrapped around the hips!

Now, don’t tell me Amrita looked sexy in that suit! Here is the video of the ad:

Apr 132011

shahrukh_khan Actors used to act in cartoon characters in movies like Batman, Spiderman and likes. But it seems, the trend is reversing with Shahrukh Khan, by becoming the first cartoon character (officially) in Bollywood.

Shahrukh has agreed to be featured in a comic book on the actor to be released by a toothpaste brand.

The series of comic books on the actor will be released by Unilever, the owner of Pepsodent brand toothpaste. The comic books will be based on famous ad on Pappu & Papa, in which Shahrukh Khan plays a loving dad explaining his kid about the importance of brushing teeth.


An ad. video:

Apr 102011

shah-rukh-khan-thumbs-up Finishing a three-day’s work in a day is something we don’t hear too often. That too, not in Bollywood where, every popular actor/actress is overworked. The top Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan proved it wrong by completing a 3-day-shooting schedule in a night.

Writer-director Rensil d’Silva thinks it was a lifetime experience. He says, "It was completed in one night. I have shot ads with every other star in Bollywood, but this was an experience of a lifetime. His energy level are at their highest at night."

He told, the advertisement for a men’s innerwear brand, had a lot of actions with stunts and speeding cars and it was not an easy task to finish in a night. Now, that is why Shah Rukh is unbeatable when facing camera is concerned.

I hope people are listening and they also got the idea on what time to choose when working with the Bollywood super star.

Rensil d'Silva