Mar 202014

Here are a few questions Shanti Dynamite answers. She explains what brought her to India and what her plans when she is in India.

shanti dynamite in Mumbai

About coming to India, Shanti Dynamite says that she had always wanted to visit her grassroots. Having a Punjabi mom from Jalandhar, she grew up eating Indian dishes, going to Gurudwara and wearing Sawar Kameez. She wanted to visit Indian temples and Guruwaras and also would like to visit places like Jaipur, Agra and other similar places to see lovely architecture.

Shanti grew up watching Bollywood movies and she has a desire to act in one of them. In UK people are crazy about Bollywood and she wants to be a part of that culture. If she gets a chance to act in a movie with good script, she would love to work in it. She says that she is Salman Khan fan and would love to work with him.

About the news and rumor of Shanti Dynamite acting in a Bollywood movie, she made it clear that the news is not true. She hasn’t signed in any movies yet. Now, she is in India and she could make decisions on any movies she might work. She also told, she wanted to prove herself and let the people know that she is the original Indian Playboy girl.

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salman khan shanti dynamite

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