May 242014

Shanti Dynamite has got her nipples pierced. These piercings are the new talk of town, after she made headlines when she was signed in Rupesh Paul’s upcoming ‘Savita Barbie’ movie.

shanti dyanmite nipple pierced

Talking about the inspiration to get the piercing, Shanti says that she wanted to have something on her body.

As she had enough of tattoos, so the remaining option was piercing. Although piercing and tattoos aren’t same, they are permanent marks on one’s body.

When piercing is concerned, Shanti is well experienced in the pain and satisfaction they bring in. She already her tongue pierced, her lips pierced and she also had her belly button pierced. She had seen some girls pierce nipple so, she wanted it too.

In the start, she was afraid of the pain so she started with one at a time. First she did the left nipple to test. It wasn’t much painful. At least, not as much as the tongue piercing she did previously. So, it all went smoothly and Shanti became the proud nipple-pierced-Bollywood-actress.

Nobody have answered the question: “How many tattoos does Shanti Dynamite has on her body?

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  1. […] It is likely that she won’t get more ink on her body on this birthday. Anyways, she had already have nipple piercings. […]

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