Oct 242014

The rumor about Shanti Dynamite to make an entry in the most controversial Indian TV show has become a reality. Although her name wasn’t mentioned it in the list of participants, she is making am entry in Diwali episode of the reality show.  

shanti dynamite

The British adult actress had been making headlines for a while about her entry in Bollywood. She also visited Mumbai earlier this year in an effort to get into a movie. Although her effort wasn’t apparently fruitful, there are reports of her entry in a movie titled ‘Savita Barbie’. In a latest report she is to debut in Bollywood in Ikram Akhtar movie ‘I love Dubai’.

Shanti Dynamite’s wild card entry in ‘Bigg Boss’ is second only wild card entry so far in the reality show after singer Ali Quli Mirza made so in an earlier episode.

Noted adult stars of the past include Sunny Leone, who has been successful in making an entry in Bollywood after the appearance in the show. It is to be seen if Shanti can make as smooth transition from the open and explicit industry from a relatively closed and sensitive Indian film industry.

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