Apr 102011

shah-rukh-khan-thumbs-up Finishing a three-day’s work in a day is something we don’t hear too often. That too, not in Bollywood where, every popular actor/actress is overworked. The top Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan proved it wrong by completing a 3-day-shooting schedule in a night.

Writer-director Rensil d’Silva thinks it was a lifetime experience. He says, "It was completed in one night. I have shot ads with every other star in Bollywood, but this was an experience of a lifetime. His energy level are at their highest at night."

He told, the advertisement for a men’s innerwear brand, had a lot of actions with stunts and speeding cars and it was not an easy task to finish in a night. Now, that is why Shah Rukh is unbeatable when facing camera is concerned.

I hope people are listening and they also got the idea on what time to choose when working with the Bollywood super star.

Rensil d'Silva

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