Nov 272014

When Mumbai police raided a Spa business for prostitution, they were surprised to find that the owner of the house is Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

Although Priyanka is not related to the business ‘Karishma Spa and Beauty Center’ was operating in her property and serving clients by their girls. The police had sent spies to the Spa to confirm the business is conducting illegal prostitution under the legal name. According to report, the owner of the spa, Manik Sonu, is on the run.

priyanka chopra stage performance

In the report three women were rescued from the business and the police has arrested the manager of the Spa, Dinesh Chandrakant. Priyanka owns 3000 sq.ft. on the second floor of Vastu Precinct Building in Andheri.

The police expects to know the details of the agreement between Priyanka and Sonu after Sonu’s arrest. The actress hasn’t spoken about he incident. (note – The photo of Priyanka, taken during a stage show, is unrelated and useed for reference only.)

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  1. Agreed PRIYANKA CHOPRA cannot be held responsible for all that goes on Her premises once it is leased or hired out after proper documentation but the question remains was proper verification done before it was let out to another party and was it not Her moral responsibility to be aware of what goes on under Her nose on Her premisis…The fact that PeeCee is a huge star and always in the limelight 24×7 can She was Her hands off or wish away nasty controversy that maybe sourced towards Her with fingers pointing in Her direction..Today it was Prostitution tommorow it cud be a far worse crime like her property being used to harbour terrorists or be an ugly crime scene will She even then be able to wish away any responsibility claiming once she leases or lets out Her property She is not responsible as to what goes on in Her premises…You may not be so lucky the next time…So treat this as a wake up call and pull up Your socks Piggy Chops!!

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