May 312014

Shanti Dynamite had been adding tattoos on every birthdays since she became an adult. Her birthday, June 1st is approaching and she is currently forcing herself not to get one more tattoo on her.

shanti dynamite tattoo

It is likely that she won’t get more ink on her body on this birthday. Anyways, she had already have nipple piercings. Like tattoo, piercings are also permanent marks on the body.

Shanti’s 23rd birthday and the year ahead is going to be very special. This year, she is also debuting as an actress in ‘Savita Barbie’.

Our contest to tell how many tattoos Shanti has on her body is still open. We have received some entries but, none of the participants have given the right answer. Click her to enter the contest.

shanti shows tatoos and more

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  1. Happe b d to you

  2. Happe b d to you adwansh mi

  3. nice

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