Mar 252014

Greetings are universal but people use differed gestures to greet others. A typical Indian style of greeting is Namaste – by clapping two hands in front of you. Shanti has used the gesture to greet her Indian fans. Here are few photos of Shanti doing Namaste:

Greetings - shanti dynamite (1)

Hot greeting of Shanti Dynamite on hot attire.

In the following photo, Shanti has worn an Indian saree. The pink wrap is one of the most decent dresses Indian wear.

shanti dyanmite namesta indian style

In the following greeting photo, Shanti looks slutty and sexy.

Greetings - shanti dynamite (3)

In a followup post we will post non-Indian greetings of Shanti including – ‘V’ gesture, mid-finger gesture and other gestures.

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