Jun 102011

Actress Vedita Pratap Singh is upset by a video leaked in the internet. The unedited clip from her upcoming movie Bhindi Bazar Inc. features intimate lovemaking scene with the actor Prashant Narayan. Although the scene will be featured in the movie, Vedita says that the scene in the movie will not look that awaked. The screenshot of the video, posted below shows the intimate scene (click to enlarge the image). The video is posted at the end of the post.


bhindi-bazar-inc-kissVedita says that the video will cast a negative image to the model-turned-actress. She told that the producer Karan Arora and director Ankush Bhatt also don’t have any idea on who leaked the racy video.

Here is the video:
(video is not available)

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  1. […] happy" when the unedited copies of one of the scenes appeared online. I wonder, what made Vedita upset when she had willingly done such scenes, and she was aware of the consequences all […]

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