Nov 272014

A disappointment for the fans of Shanti Dynamite in Bollywood movies – Gehena Vashisht has replaced Shanti in her upcoming Bollywood film.

Shanti Dynamite’s entry in Bollywood seems to be getting tougher. The first movie she was supposed to debut in Bollywood – ‘Doctor Doctor Khelein’ was never made and her role in Rupesh Paul’s ‘Savita Barbie 3D: Bhabhi unlimited’ is reportedly been snatched by a South Indian actress Gehna Vashisht.

gehena-Vashisht replaces shanti dynamite

The adult crime and erotic drama film makers reportedly had an issue with Shanti and had to sign in Gehena in Shanti Dynamite’s role.

Gehena is one of the most bold and controversial actress in the South who is very interested in making her Bollywood debut. In an interview in 2012 Gehena had told that she was willing to have sex for money to reduce criminal activities in India. Her twitter account was also blocked for sexual content. She also wrote that she wanted to open a sex spa or a high class hygiene brothel with medically certified commercial sex workers.

In addition to being featured in films like ‘Anukunnadi Okati Ayyindi Okati’, ‘Namasthey’, ‘Muppai Mudu Prema Kathalu’, ‘Preminchu Pilladu’ and ‘’ Gehena is also in various commercial ads. Some of the brands Gehena had worked with are Monte Carlo, Philips Arena, Chevrolet Cruise and Lux Shampoo.

gehena-Vashisht replaces shanti dynamite savita barbie 3d

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