Apr 272011

nazar_1 Talking with correspondents of TOI, the Pakistani actress Meera has accused Mahesh Bhatt of slapping her and being physically abusive. She told that, he was the reason she was forced to leave Bollywood.

Meera, acted in her debut Bollywood movie Nazar, a Mahesh Bhatt’s creation. Now, she is making a comeback with Rajiv Babbar’s Kasak.

As expected Bhatt refused to accept the accusation. Read details in TOI.

Well, the truth behind he leaving Bollywood and going back to Pakistan was told to be due to the criticism at home over steamy scenes in her film Nazar (see attached photos).

At that time, Meera had even told that she had received threats to her life from a certain unnamed groups. Musharraf, the president of Pakistan at that time, had said that people in his country would not like to see their women "dancing or displaying themselves" as it is done in India.

Let’s hope, she won’t have to point fingers to others for her own mistakes in her upcoming movies.

How about growing some decent dress sense?



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