Sep 102014

Here is the photo slideshow of actresses who have allegedly been involved in prostitution. Most of these actresses were arrested by the police red-handed. Others have admitted their involvement in flesh trade.

  • Divya Shree was recently arrested in another prostitution racket in South India. The actress of the movie 'BTech Babu' was caught in a hotel with a client in Guntur. Divya started her career in 2000 in a movie named 'Hanuman Juncthion'. So far, she has acted in more than 14 movies.

Based on several arrests, it is clear that arresting doesn’t stop flesh trade. One actress – Bhuwanesori had been arrested more than once in the similar charges and we are sure she will not stop as long as she finds customers. In the lights of these arrests the government should make a policy that regulates the flesh trade so that they don’t need to be arrested.

actresses in prostitution caught

Aug 202012

After the child birth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was criticized for getting fat and neglecting her appearance. But, in a recent advertisement photo for Kalyan Jewelers the 38 year-old actress is shown much younger and as beautiful as before.


Although many suspect the photo to be the result of clever photo manipulation, some believe she might have managed to regain her previous beauty and figure.  

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Aug 182012

Controversial model Poonam Pandey likes to remain in limelight by exposing herself (or, at least talking about shedding her clothes). India’s victory in the Cricket world cup and her promise to get naked in front of the Indian team helped her raise in popularity. Although she didn’t keep (or rather, she wasn’t allowed to keep) her promise, she got immensely popular after that.

To the fire of her popularity alive time and again she keeps feeding the audience with hot and spicy photos and videos. Recently she posted some bathroom shots in her Twitter account. The hot photos helped to remind the people about her again. I have never been that fond of her body or sex or nudity, but the Independence day shot she posted in Twitter was something else. Indian flag in one hand, hands spread wide inviting for an embrace, wide smile and a look towards the sky – this is the sexiest post of the model.


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Jun 162011

Bollywood actor Emran Hasmi is recognized as a serial kisser in Bollywood. Almost every film he did to date, has at least a kiss scene – the reason behind the title given to him by the Indian media. The movies like Murder, Gangster, Raj-2, Crook etc. carry at least one kiss scene.

But, it is known that he is not happy enough with the title, serial kisser.

"I am fed up with this title name", he said in a press conference held in Mumbai. "I don’t want to be called as serial kisser any more.Instead they can think about other options," he said.

The conference was held to inform about the contract between "Bisesh Films" (banner of Mahesh an Mukesh Bhatta) and "Foxstar Studio" to make Raj-3 and Informer. Raj – 3 is is yet another sequel of the superhit film Raj, to be made into a 3D movie. The film, directed by Bikram Bhatta, will feature Emran Hasmi and Jacqueline Fernandez in the leading role.

Here are some of the photos where Emraan was involved in Lips lock:

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Apr 102011

On April 5,  Divya Bharti allegedly fell off her balcony and died at a tender age of 19. I have revisited the history and collect the details of some actresses who didn’t see the old age and died before they turn 40.

Meena Kumari:

Meena Kumari was tragedy queen of 1970s. She was addicted to alcohol, which at last became the reason of her death in 1972. She died on March 31, 1972 at 39 years of age.

meena kumari

Geeta Bali:

Geeta Bali was another famous female actress of India having extreme level of skills. She marred Shammi Kapoor and unluckily Geeta lost her life due to smallpox in 1965. She was only 35 years at that time.

4 geeta bali

Silk Smitha:
Silk was also known with the name of Vijaylakshmi Vadlapati. Silk name was actually given to her when she did her successful movie Vandichakram and played the role of Silk. This south Indian beauty lost her life in 1996 and she was only 32 years at that time.

Madhubala was actually named Mumtaz Jahan Dehlavi. She was one of the greatest and wonderful actresses of her time. Unfortunately Madhubala lost her life due to a severe heart problem in 1950. She was hospitalized but couldn’t retain her breathes.

1 madhuwala

Taruni Sachdev:

This child actress was actually named Rasna. She was a delicate and loving person and lost her life in a plane crash of Nepal during 2012. She was traveling in the plane with his mother. Taruni got fame when she appeared with Amitabh Bachchan in PAA.

Divya Bharti:

Divya was a beautiful, talented and innocent lady of Bollywood. She started working in the movies at the age of 13. It took her no time to got worldwide popularity. Divya was drinking in her apartment when she got fell to the earth. She was only 21 years when she lost her life.

Smita Patil:

Smita was a talented and beautiful film actress of India. She did various movies with Amitabh Bachchan and won different national awards. Smita died in 1986 when she was only 31 years old due to a childbirth complication.

1 smita patil

Jiah Khan:

Jiah Khan, also known as Nafisa Khan debuted in Bollywood in 2007. She was only 25 years and her body was found hanging in her flat in June 2013. People say Jiah committed suicide because she was not satisfied with her acting career.

Jan 242011

Zeenat Aman is one of the most sexy actress of Bollywood. She has brought the Western fashion and exposure in the Indian Film Industry, Bollywood.

zeenat aman actress of past

Zeenet preferred to do photo session in bikini and short dresses. Following are the top sexiest photos of the actress of 70s and 80s, Zeenat Aman in bikini, and showing her body assets.

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