Sep 212014

In a latest interview, taken over Twitter, Priyanka Chopra has told that she was once asked to show her underwear in a song. The film makers had wanted to lure the viewers to the theater by showing her underwear. Priyanka added, “I let the movie.”

priyanka chopra at usha play

That was the answer to “the meanest thing a producer or director” has ever told her by Filmfare editor, Jitesh Pillaai.

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Sep 202014

If you are confused what movie Shanti Dynamite is debuting in Bollywood with, you are not alone. Virtually everybody is confused and they will remain confused until one of her movies is released in theater. Initially it was ‘Chalo Doctor Doctor Khelein’ and then ‘Shabita Barbie’ and now it is called ‘I Love Dubai’ to be directed by Ikram Akhtar.

shanti dynamite

It is no secret Shanti Dynamite is influenced by another similar actress, Sunny Leone and she wants to re-create the the success of adult star in Bollywood. When compared to Sunny, Shanti’s response is like: “When people don’t understand something, they compare it to the closest thing.”

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Sep 092014

In an interview to a media actress Sunny Leone told that she is here to rule Bollywood. An actress who made name in the industry that is a taboo in India, made an unusual entry and success in Bollywood.

sunny leone v

When she made an entry in the controversial reality TV show, ‘Bigg Boss’ she knew what they wanted and she was well aware of her goal. The producer of the show only wanted to benefit from the controversy. Sunny admitted, “They didn’t hire me for my acting skills.”

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Apr 052014

The first Indian Playboy model Shanti Dynamite is has told that she wants to be featured in the leading role in Bollywood movies. She told she is not interested in doing item dances in movies.

Shanti Dyanmite for Karamveer Sports Club - public performance

Currently in Mumbai in her first India visit, the adult star of Indian decent Shanti Dynamite is meeting producers to get into Bollywood. She is pretty happy on the response she got in Bollywood and is hopeful to land in a movie soon. She also told that she wants to relocate to Mumbai.

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Mar 202014

Here are a few questions Shanti Dynamite answers. She explains what brought her to India and what her plans when she is in India.

shanti dynamite in Mumbai

About coming to India, Shanti Dynamite says that she had always wanted to visit her grassroots. Having a Punjabi mom from Jalandhar, she grew up eating Indian dishes, going to Gurudwara and wearing Sawar Kameez. She wanted to visit Indian temples and Guruwaras and also would like to visit places like Jaipur, Agra and other similar places to see lovely architecture.

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