Jun 062011

“Sex is the sexiest word in the English language. Just the word is sexy to me. There’s something to it, don’t you think? Sex is my favorite sport,” said Cameron Diaz while talking to the News of the World newspaper.

The 38-year-old actress told that she doesn’t have a quickest way to get in mood as she is “always in the mood”.

Cameron_Diaz Cameron Diaz at Tribeca Film Festival, 2010.

If you don’t know, the relationship between Cameron and baseball star Alex Rodriguez turned sour and  they have recently split. She however adds that she is in no rush to get married.

May 222011

Mallika went nude in ‘Hiss‘, and she seems encouraged by the skin show and she is told to be doing similar obscene skin show in her upcoming Hollywood comedy, ‘Politics of Love’.

a picture

People do complain – and Mallika has a readymade answer – “So what if there is skin show, I show what people love to see.”

Don’t you love to see a little more of the skin show?

Car wash video of Mallika from Politics of Love

Apr 072007

The Pursuit of Happyness(TPOH) – Will Smith is a great entertainer. I have liked him since his “Independence Day” days. So the TPOH was always on my list.

TPOH is the story of Chris Gardner, a stock broker in the 80s in USA. The story does take some liberties from his actual personal life but nevertheless the film had the official go ahead from the real Mr Gardner.

The movie is a one time watch – and that too for Will Smith Jr’s acting skills. It has its moments but somehow the momentum is not there. Smith Sr keeps running for almost one third of the film’s duration. The worst part of the film is the abrupt ending ie when he has achieved happiness his state of happiness is not shown at all considering that the entire film was spent in the pursuit itself.

A special mention must be made

* For Will Smith Sr, in the second last scene of the film. His acting is brilliant in that scene.
* For Will Smith Jr, who is a cute little bundle of joy throughout the film.
Rating : 3/5

Little Miss Sunshine

I was not actually in an Oscar mood when I decided to check the review of LMS. But I gave preference to LMS as I was not in Honeymoon travelling or a Namaste Londoning mood also. I find generally most of the Oscar movies are either about the Holocaust or extremely boring(except a few like Forrest Gump or Life is Beautiful).

Little Miss Sunshine LMS is about a dysfunctional family(don’t bother checking the dictionary, it means weird).  It consists of a horny old grandfather, a father who is actually a looser but only talks of winning through his refuse-to-loose program, a brother-in-law who tried to commit suicide because his lover(a man) went for another man(I cudn’t help thinking about our own King Khan and KJ), a son who has taken a vow never to talk until he realizes his ambition to be a Fighter Pilot and a mother who tries to bring all of them together.

And hey wait, there is also the cute, little, chubby daughter of the family, who is desperately preparing to win – win WHAT – Little Miss Sunshine – a beauty contest for children in California. Incidentally, it is the grandfather who has coached the daughter for the paegant.

So since the family does not have the money to fly to California, they decide to go by road in their bus(matador for us Indians).

And then the journey begins. Taunts, arguments, fights, apologies, realizations and the actual Beauty Contest which is hilarious.

Abigal Breslin, the daughter, has played an excellent part. If you think you have seen her, she played Mel Gibson’s daughter in Signs. Greg Kinnear as the father and Steve Carell as the bro-in-law are other notable mentions. The grandfather who won the Best Supporting Oscar – Alan Arkin – this year is a fluke. He does not even have a proper role.

LMS is a dark comedy nevertheless it’s a perfect family film for the weekend. Go check it out if it’s still playing near you. And yes – Everyone pretend to be normal!

Rating : 4/5

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