Apr 082011

A message from Bipasha’s phone has sent a text message to all the male friends in her address book, saying "Hi, I am single." Well, that seems a bit odd way of announcing availability to guys.


Bipasha has been denying the split with her relationship with her former boyfriend John Abrahm till now. But, the message is reported to be spreading in the phone network that it is threatening to jam the mobile network.

Bipasha however, is shooting somewhere in Madhya Pradesh and it is reported that she has lost her mobile phone for the last 24 hours. She was worried and was planning to lodge an FIR. But, she found the phone the next day, as if it was never lost.


After inspection, it was confirmed that the message was sent by her phone but, Bipasha told that she didn’t do that. She called all the guys in her address book to explain the situation and apologize for the message somebody else sent from her phone. It is reported that Bipasha is quite irritated with constant rumors of her split with boyfriend, John Abraham.

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