Sep 102014

Here is the photo slideshow of actresses who have allegedly been involved in prostitution. Most of these actresses were arrested by the police red-handed. Others have admitted their involvement in flesh trade.

  • Divya Shree was recently arrested in another prostitution racket in South India. The actress of the movie 'BTech Babu' was caught in a hotel with a client in Guntur. Divya started her career in 2000 in a movie named 'Hanuman Juncthion'. So far, she has acted in more than 14 movies.

Based on several arrests, it is clear that arresting doesn’t stop flesh trade. One actress – Bhuwanesori had been arrested more than once in the similar charges and we are sure she will not stop as long as she finds customers. In the lights of these arrests the government should make a policy that regulates the flesh trade so that they don’t need to be arrested.

actresses in prostitution caught

  2 Responses to “Actresses caught in flesh trade (photos)”

  1. Why are the Prostitutes and Callgirls named and shamed by both the Police as well as the Media when actually it is the Pimps and Clients who should be exposed and their true identity exposed as they are the true face of ugly prostitution and if it was not for them there would be almost no “Dhanda”..Afterall if there is no Demand then who will these Rundis sell their Jism too?
    Who does not know that corrupt cops and news hungry media especially the electronic one are only too glad to pay khaki vardi wala goonda lavishly to get their dose of Breaking News…
    As for Cops they will cover faces of serial rapists, corrupt netas, cold blooded murderers but have no hesitation in exposing not only the identity but also the faces of actresses and models caught in the flesh trade long before the charges are proved..
    While I am no advocate for Prostitution nor preach about the character of call girls yet I must ask do only terrorists, murderers and rapists have Human rights are there no Human rights for Call girls and Prostitutes who get trampled upon by the same seedy Men who abuse them in the day and then have no hesitation in misusing them at night by being their regular customers…Why such double standards? ZARA SOCHIYE

  2. Just Seven Actresses in the Flesh Trade did You Say? Either You being Modest or Selective in (SEX)posing those Actresses who have been nabbed time and again to the extent that they are actually seen less in films or on the ramp than they are in deluxe luxury hotels Pleasuring white collar Corporate clients across the country as well as abroad!!”
    That having been said the disturbing question haunting My mind is do only serial killers, rapists and terrorists alone Human Rights? Don’t Prostitutes or Callgirls and Escorts have any Human rights in our country? No, I am no advocate of Flesh trading nor waving any flag for Callgirls but can one remain mute when the Scum of society is given benefit of doubt by concealing their identity while Prostitutes are named and shamed liberally equally by the cops and electronic media who seem to be hand in glove..Horror of horror even Pimps and the white collared clients have their identity concealed simply because they are wellheeled while the callgirls no matter what profession they hail from are milked dry as revealing their identity even before they convicted is a lucrative well oiled multi tierindustry in India

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