Apr 122011

salman_khan_dabangg The first woman in the world to paint inside a Zero Gravity flight, Ankita Joshi, unveiled her zero gravity painting on April 9, 2011. She will display her masterpieces in Jehangir Art gallery from 21 – 27, April 2011.

Ankita’s first zero gravity painting was a character of Salman Khan, Chulbul Pandey in the movie Dabangg. The 27 year-old Ankita is a student of Sophia Polytechnic Applied Arts, trained for the last 6 years to get ready for the painting to be done in space. The training involved flight instructor Dr Howard Chipman and Former NASA and US Air Force trainer Veronique Koken.

Oneindia states:

Ankita paid 15 Lakhs for her training and gave an additional payment of 1000 dollars for spoiling the interiors of the spacecraft with her colors flying all around. After achieving her goal, Ankita wants to gift her painting to Salman Khan.

Apr 112011

Ram_Gopal_Varma Now this is different!

While every Bollywood personalities are rushing to support Anna Hazare or say at least a few words about Anna Hazare, one of the top Bollywood director, screenwriter and producer, Ram Gopal Varma, has told that he doesn’t even know who Anna Hazaare is.

The Shiva (1990), Rangeela (1995), Satya (1998) fame director might be much engrossed in his own job and failed to identify a politician. But, if he care to write about Anna and give explanation on why he doesn’t know the politician – says something else he didn’t mention. Yes, I suspect Ram Gopal knows more about Anna Hazare than anybody else in the industry.

I checked Ram Gopal Varma’s Wikipedia profile to find a clue and there it was in the first paragraph:

Varma has directed, written and produced films across multiple genres-psychological thrillers, underworld gang warfare, politician-criminal nexus, and musicals and in multiple languages.

I don’t know the exact meaning of what "politician-criminal nexus" means and, I don’t want to find it out either.

In the mean time, let’s assume Ram Gopal Varma has been "brutally honest" in admitting that he doesn’t know Anna Hazare.

His Tweet:

I have no idea who Anna hazaare is as I don’t keep track of anyone expect for film people and gangsters. I don’t know what he is fasting for because I don’t know what he or anybody else in the whole world is upto as I am too busy in my film work. I will never ever fast for anything except for my own personal diet.

Been hearing bout corruption since childhood..hope all the twitter nd face book noise will also convert to physical power.


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Apr 102011

Poonam made a good amount of publicity by announcing her intention to do stripping for the fans of Indian cricket fans. There were reports of mixed message of threaten both, for and against the strip-show.

Then she proposed to do the show only for the India Team member, out of India. She even proposed Paris for the strip show to BCCI. The she went on hiding amidst alleged threats from Hidu extremists like Shiv Sena.


There was a rumor that Poonam will appear in a TV show named Comedy Ka Maha Muqqabla. She had even met the contestants of the show, and was preparing to start the shooting from this Monday (11 April, 2011). Now, there is another report saying she has dumped the Comedy show and has signed in another show, Khatron Ke Khiladi – Fear Factor 4, in the last moment.

Looks like they didn’t allow stripping in the comedy show! Will the producers of Khatron Ke Khiladi learn from it and allow her deepest desire to show everything to everybody. There are a lot of hungry eyes ready to pop out for the ultimate moment.

It’s not me, but some even suspect, she might have stripped for the TV producers to get role in the show! Who knows?


Apr 102011

shah-rukh-khan-thumbs-up Finishing a three-day’s work in a day is something we don’t hear too often. That too, not in Bollywood where, every popular actor/actress is overworked. The top Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan proved it wrong by completing a 3-day-shooting schedule in a night.

Writer-director Rensil d’Silva thinks it was a lifetime experience. He says, "It was completed in one night. I have shot ads with every other star in Bollywood, but this was an experience of a lifetime. His energy level are at their highest at night."

He told, the advertisement for a men’s innerwear brand, had a lot of actions with stunts and speeding cars and it was not an easy task to finish in a night. Now, that is why Shah Rukh is unbeatable when facing camera is concerned.

I hope people are listening and they also got the idea on what time to choose when working with the Bollywood super star.

Rensil d'Silva

Apr 102011

On April 5,  Divya Bharti allegedly fell off her balcony and died at a tender age of 19. I have revisited the history and collect the details of some actresses who didn’t see the old age and died before they turn 40.

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Apr 102011

Sonakshi_Sinha It is rumored that the Dabangg actress, Sonakshi Sinha, may be a celeb guest on show hosted by Shatrughan Sinha, targeted to the Bhojpuri speaking audience.

A Bhojpuri version of a very popular show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, Kaun Banega Cororpati (KBC), is told to be hosted by Shatrughan Sinha. Shatrughan’s Bihari ascent is liked by many and hence, he is popularly known as Bihari Babu, and seems best fit for the role of the show host.

Baap-Beti-aur-KBC, sounds interesting.

Apr 092011

Hot Indian actress Mallika Sherawat was featured on the cover of FHM Magazine India, April 2011 editon. In the cover Mallika Sherawat looks like a KamaSutra girl, only wearing jewelry to cover the bare chest. Topless Mallika on a mini skirt (it is actually a micro skirt) and a huge red bindi on her forehead look gorgeous.

Cover Photo

The caption on beside her photo reads, “Mallika Sherawat says sorry for her hisss and takes her top off!”

Mallika Sherawat’s recent razia song was well received by audience.

More pics from the magazine:


Note: These low quality copies are replicated here for illustration purpose only.


Apr 082011

Social activist Anna Hazare is being hailed from every sectors of the society and Bollywood Celebs have also come forward to support his anti-corruption effort.

In his Twitter post, Hrithik wrote, “I support Anna Hazare. Its TIME to make a CHANGE!”


Actress, Priyanka Chopra wrote:


priyanka_chopraJust read about Anna Hazare. It’s incredible to see the support he has received from across the country… Also what’s remarkable is the uprising of the youth of our country in support of Anna Hazare. I pledge my support to this cause.

It is not only Hritik and Priyanka, filmmaker Farhan Akhtar and actress Sonakshi Sinha have also expressed their support for the 72-year-old social activists.

Farhan Akhtar wrote, “I support Anna Hazare. Our country has suffered from corruption for too long… NOW is the time we get together and do something about it.”

In Sonakshi Sinha’s words, “It’s usually one person that makes a difference. Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Abe Lincoln, Mother Teresa. Kudos Anna Hazare. We’re with u.”

Director Madhur Bhandarkar went to meet Hazare at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and offer his support.

Dr.Kisan Baburao Hazare, popularly known as Anna Hazare, is an Indian social activist who has started a fast unto death to make a pressure on the Government of India to enact a strong anti-corruption act that will have the power to deal with corruption in public offices.


It is not only a few actors or actress who came forward to support Anna Hazare. Now, the whole lot of celebrities have expressed their support to the leader in ending corruption in India. Here are some of the statements:

Shabana Azmi: Anna Hazare’s triumph was a foregone conclusion. He embodies the aspirations of a nation that has suffered enough. A nation that wanted the good fight. In a democracy the citizens must set the agenda as active participants, not passive recipients. That’s what the agitation demanding the Jan Lok Pal Bill did. It proved that people matter.

A R Rahman: Ru-ba-ru roshni… It’s the beginning of an eternal rise for India.

Kabir Bedi: Anna Hazare has won an epic victory for our country. The Lok Pal Bill will be as revolutionary as the Right To Information Act.It’s the best beginning for a war against corruption. Better late than never.

Esha Deol: He’s awe-inspiring! I’d have loved to send him some yummy South Indian food to break his fast.

Farah Khan: I think as people we’re realizing our power to bring about change. I was at the rally at Jantar Mantar. I went there because as a mother I really want my children to grow up in a corruption-free environment. I was amazed by the number of youngsters who were there to support Anna Hazare’s movement.I think it’s time for all of us to wake up.

Sarah Jane Dias: I am ecstatic! This is a victory for our country as one united force.Never felt more proud to be an Indian.

Gulzar : Anna Hazare nahin, hazaaron hain! He has assured us that India is safe in young hands. It is a great new generation that has come forward to display a socio-plotical awareness.

Farooque Shaikh: Let us wait until the final version in June. But a very happy beginning.

Hema Malini: His victory is a great high. But is it that easy to take it forward?

Irrfan Khan: I think we should wait for the monsoon session of Parliament.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra: This is just the beginning. We have to maintain the momentum.

Asha Parekh: Long live Anna Hazare.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali: I think somewhere this man’s simplicity touched everyone’s heart. Here was a man completely unaware of his power. He decided to take matters into his hands. And he didn’t care about who was watching or not watching him do the right thing.

Anupam Kher: People’s victory!

Nandita Das: Such a singular victory reaffirms our faith in the power of non-violent forms of protest in a democracy. It shows the change that people can bring about. But this is only a beginning. An uphill task of eradicating corruption now awaits us.

Bipasha Basu: Anna Hazare’s victory shows the strength of people and our democracy. It is a very positive sign for India. Corruption is our biggest enemy. We need a hazaar Hazares in our country. The momentum of this movement must not stop here.

Urmila Matondkar: It is a victory of Gandhism and also a victory for the angry masses who suffered enough corruption and demanded a clean and transparent system of governance. As during Jayapraksah Narayan’s movement, the youth need to make themselves an essential part of the change by acting as responsible vigilant citizens.

Shilpa Shetty: I salute his gumption and selfless devotion to cleansing our society. He makes me feel very small. I respect him unconditionally.

Chitrangda Singh: It took one 71-year-old human being to show us we can come together for a change. It’s a big lesson for our democracy and one that we should not forget. Thanks to Anna, our new Gandhi.

Subhash Ghai: It is always one man who brings about a revolution to destroy injustice and oppression. Today it is Anna who has screamed out the inner voice of the people of India. Policy makers need to think seriously before they get attacked mercilessly by the masses. Enough is enough!

Mahesh Bhatt: We are all part of the problem. We need to become a part of the solution as well. Face the truth. Most of us contribute to the corruption.We have miles to go before Anna’s victory paves the way for a corruption-free India.

Apr 082011

A message from Bipasha’s phone has sent a text message to all the male friends in her address book, saying "Hi, I am single." Well, that seems a bit odd way of announcing availability to guys.


Bipasha has been denying the split with her relationship with her former boyfriend John Abrahm till now. But, the message is reported to be spreading in the phone network that it is threatening to jam the mobile network.

Bipasha however, is shooting somewhere in Madhya Pradesh and it is reported that she has lost her mobile phone for the last 24 hours. She was worried and was planning to lodge an FIR. But, she found the phone the next day, as if it was never lost.

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Apr 072011

Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming movies sound dirty. But, Ekta says that they aren’t as dirty as they sound. During the first look of Balaji Productions’ film Ragini MMS held yesterday, she was asked about the content of the movie in terms of dirtiness. All she told was that they aren’t overly ‘dirty’.

The newly released posters tell a totally different story. One of the poster says, "They don’t know it yet. It’s a threesome."


Another forthcoming film of hers, ‘Dirty Picture’ stars Vidya Balan in the role of late south sex symbol Silk Smitha. It’s everybody’s guess that these movies should be full of sex or lovemaking scenes but, it is to be seen how far she has gone to make it realistic.


Director Pawan Kripalani’s Ragini MMS is set to release on May 13. "Dirty Picture" is still under production and the release date is not set yet.



Apr 072011

Mahesh Bhatt is all set to let Yana Gupta dance in an item number in movie Murder 2.

Mahesh Bhatt’s approached Bipasha Basu to do an item dance in Murder 2. When Basu refused, Mallika Sherawat, was offered the number but, she too didn’t want to do the item number.

At last, Yana Gupta was chosen to do the sizzling item number.

After Sony’s dance reality show, Jhallak Dilkhlaa Jaa, Yana is being flooded with various offers in movies and Murder 2 is one of them.

In addition, Yana will also do a “Chalo Dilli,” a remixed version of the popular song “Laila Main Laila”.

Last time, Yana made huge media sensation when she went to a children’s charity event by showing up without wearing an underwear. Yana had no regrets of showing her private parts and she even told, “I am no panties girl.”

Apr 062011

deepika-Dum-maaro-dum-maro-dum-item-dance In a latest report, Deepika Padukone has turned down Rs. 4 crore, offered to perform in a private party in London.

The proposal came from a wealthy NRI family living in London, in which Deepika was asked to perform a 4 minutes dance in the item dance of ‘Dum Maaro Dum’. She was also asked to wear the same outfit that she had worn in the original video of the song (promo video of the movie posted below).

It is reported that the actress initially thought it was a joke. But when a written proposal arrived, she knew they were serious. Deepika has been declining such offers in the past and she did the same to this offer too.

It is to be noted that such private parties are not new for Bollywood actresses. Actresses like Katrina Kaif, Ameesha Patel, Mallika Sherawat, and Rani Mukherjee, have performed in such private parties in the past.

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