Shanti Dynamite celebrated her 23rd birthday

On her 23rd birthday, Shanti Dyanmite organized a birthday party at Maibella at Greek Street, Soho starting at 10 PM on Saturday May 31.

birthday cake shanti dynamite

Shanti and her friends had a blast of time on the birthday event.

5 things you might want to know about Shanti -on her birthday:

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No more tattoo on this birthday, on June 1st

Shanti Dynamite had been adding tattoos on every birthdays since she became an adult. Her birthday, June 1st is approaching and she is currently forcing herself not to get one more tattoo on her.

shanti dynamite tattoo

It is likely that she won’t get more ink on her body on this birthday. Anyways, she had already have nipple piercings. Like tattoo, piercings are also permanent marks on the body.

Shanti’s 23rd birthday and the year ahead is going to be very special. This year, she is also debuting as an actress in ‘Savita Barbie’.

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Shanti Dynamite got her nipples pierced

Shanti Dynamite has got her nipples pierced. These piercings are the new talk of town, after she made headlines when she was signed in Rupesh Paul’s upcoming ‘Savita Barbie’ movie.

shanti dyanmite nipple pierced

Talking about the inspiration to get the piercing, Shanti says that she wanted to have something on her body.

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PlayBoy Girl Shanti Dynamite to be featured as ‘Savita Barbie’ in Rupesh Paul Film

PlayBoy Girl Shanti Dynamite is going to debut in Bollywood in ‘Kamasutra 3D’ filmmaker Rupesh Paul’s next movie titled ‘Savita Barbie’ in 3D. The movie to be made on gangster-erotica-horror theme will feature Shanti Dynamite in lead role.

shanti dynamite news

Shanti was selected in an audition conducted by the production company Rupesh Paul Productions Ltd. Rupesh Paul says that he didn’t know about Shanti’s background when he was auditioning. He says that her background as a Playboy girl doesn’t bother him much. Rupesh says, Shanti was selected through proper process. Photo shoots were organized with her for two days and performance auditions were conducted.

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Contest – How many tattoos does Shanti have ?

Shanti loves tattoos and she has engraved some on her body. She engraved them in her teenage days but, she doesn’t regret any of them. Every tattoo on her body reminds her of the stage of life she had gone through.

How many Tattoos does Shanti have ?

Now, you should guess how many tattoos Shanti has on her body. The winner will be sent the videos of Shanti’s HD version of ‘Chodoge toh … ”

shanti dyanamite tattoo..contest.

Each tattoo has a story and Shanti loves every one of them.

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TOI recommends Shanti Dynamite for Bigg Boss 8

The Times of India has recommended the adult star from the UK, Shanti Dynamite to participate in the popular reality TV show, Bigg Boss. The show was the one that introduced Sunny Leone to the Bollywood movie industry.

shanti dynamite in bigg boss

TOI recommendation states that Shanti “has caught everyone’s attention as she plans to get into Bollywood.” The online edition of the newspaper says that Bigg Boss 8 can be the best platform for the UK adult start to explore her opportunities in Bollywood.

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Shanti Dynamite wants to be a heroine, not just an item girl

The first Indian Playboy model Shanti Dynamite is has told that she wants to be featured in the leading role in Bollywood movies. She told she is not interested in doing item dances in movies.

Shanti Dyanmite for Karamveer Sports Club - public performance

Currently in Mumbai in her first India visit, the adult star of Indian decent Shanti Dynamite is meeting producers to get into Bollywood. She is pretty happy on the response she got in Bollywood and is hopeful to land in a movie soon. She also told that she wants to relocate to Mumbai.

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5 Sex Tips of Shanti Dynamite

Here are five tips of Shanti Dynamite for sex, lust or love.

shanti dynamite stage performance dance 2

  1. If you want to satisfy someone you need to learn body anatomy. You should learn how the human body works.
  2. Don’t be so rough. Unless you like that kind of things.
  3. You must be a good kisser. If you don’t know practice on your hand.
  4. Take care of yourself. Hygiene is very important.
  5. Just have the most pleasure you can have when engaging with another human being.
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